Part of what makes our communities so great are the people who make their lives here!

Meet our amazing team of people who make Willmar Lakes Area Vision 2040 possible.

Vision 2040 Steering Committee


Willmar Lakes Area Vision 2040 is about the future. Our purpose is to focus the energy of our community today, for a better tomorrow. We strive to create a better tomorrow through supporting projects that are community minded with special emphasis on the four focus areas; Health & Wellness, Communication, Inclusion and Engagement.

Vision 2040 is a collaborative, community-led and driven initiative composed of your neighbors, friends and coworkers. Through grassroot, home grown efforts, we are able to build a better community.

Organizational Structure

Vision 2040 is a nonprofit organization that is fiscally hosted by the United Way of West Central Minnesota. The work of this unique public-private partnership is overseen by a steering committee composed of your neighbors, friends and coworkers. 

Focus Areas are areas that the Vision 2040 organization focuses its efforts on. These four focus areas were identified through community led conversations. The Focus Area Leads serve as the main point of contact for the work that is done in those areas.

Board Members

2022 Steering Committee Membership includes:
  • Steve Ammermann
  • Duane Anderson
  • Julie Anfinson
  • Julie Asmus
  • Aaron Backman
  • Sara Carlson
  • Angie Caskey
  • Kevin Dietrich
  • Brian Gramentz
  • Brad Hanson
  • John Harren
  • Jeff Holm
  • Craig Johnson  
  • Larry Kleindl
  • Jennifer Lindquist
  • Heather Koffler
  • James Miller
  • Vicki Norton
  • Pablo Obregon
  • Michelle Kiefer
  • Toby Spanier
  • Lynn Stier
  • Kelly Tauber
  • Leslie Valiant
  • Scott Wallner
  • Ken Warner

Focus Area Leads

Health & Wellness
  • Michelle Kiefer
  • Lynn Stier
  • Kelly Tauber
  • Pablo Obregron
  • Toby Spanier
  • John Harren
  • Steve Ammermann

Join the Steering Committee or a Focus Group

Do you enjoy helping the community through group efforts? Are you looking to give back to the local area through grassroot efforts? Then you should consider joining the team. Help guide the organization by serving on the Steering Committee! The Steering Committee meets monthly the first Monday of the month from noon to 1:30. Additional meeting attendances for Steering Committee members will be required for Stakeholder organizations when requested. Please fill out this interest form if you are looking to join the team. 

Do you have an affinity for a specific area? Share your idea or help further the existing work - fill out this form to connect with the Focus Area Leads.

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