Mental Health Resources

Social distancing, responsibility changes, and overall life interruption can take a toll on a person.

If we do not recognize these disturbances and learn to cope with them it can affect a person’s mental well-being. Our mental well-being is connected to our overall well-being, so be sure you take care of yourself.

If you feel like you need to talk with someone, do not hesitate to connect with a mental health professional. There is a list of mental health professionals listed below. Remember to also care for yourself by being physically active, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and connecting with people through a phone or video call.

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Mental Health Resources

Woodland Centers
Mobile Crisis: 1-800-432-8781

Carris Health- Skylark Mall

Knutson/New Direction Counseling

Crossroads Center

Additional Resources

The Bounce Back Project promotes health through happiness, by focusing on tools to help people build resiliency. The program focuses on three main tools: gratitude, three good things, and random acts of kindness. These tools provide people with simple actions to focus on the positivity of mental wellness within individuals and our community.

Initial project roll out will begin with promotion within local businesses and service clubs. This fall a community event will be held with a speaker from the original Bounce Back Project in Monticello, Minnesota.

Learn more about the Willmar Lakes Area's Bounce Back Project.

Healthcare: MNsure
Online Application

COVID Symptoms/Nurse Line:
320-200-3200 Available 24/7

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