StoryWalk Books - "Big Dance" and "Cat's Colors"

Move along and read along with the story.

StoryWalk combines the healthy activities of walking and movement with the healthy activity of reading a book.

Reading is healthy? Yes, it is! Reading books helps your brain grow and stay active in the same way that exercising helps the rest of your body.

So follow StoryWalk's path of pages and read along!

Follow Along in Karen, Somali and Spanish too!

Thanks to our community partners SHIP, UCAP, United Way of West Central Minnesota, Carris Health, Willmar Community Education, Talking is Teaching, and U of M Extension for helping to make this project happen as well as assisting in providing translations and recordings of the StoryWalk books!

Click the links below to read and hear readings of "Cat's Colors" and "Big Dance" in both Karen, Somali, and Spanish.

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