In an effort to achieve the primary Willmar Lakes Area goals, volunteers are working on betterment initiatives year round.

Don’t let the fact that these projects are already started and ongoing stop you from joining in on the efforts! Community engagement year round is what makes the biggest impact in our community.

Bounce Back Project

The Bounce Back Project is a community based initiative that focuses on resilience. This project originated in the Monticello/Buffalo area and has expanded to Kandiyohi County. There are great things already going on in the community and great ideas floating out there. The Bounce Back Project team would like to give the members of Kandiyohi County an opportunity to share these ideas and apply for funding for projects that relate to the Bounce Back Project resiliency topics



Light Up Willmar Lakes Area was created during the pandemic in an effort to support the community during a hard time. The #LightUpWLA initiative was developed as a countywide strategy to promote positive social engagement to boost mental health and sense of community well-being. "Light Up the Willmar Lakes Area" will use the universally positive element of light to anchor this effort. This initiative allows individuals, neighborhoods, organizations, agencies, businesses and cities/county officials to engage, promote, and lift up the region in a way that is intercultural, intergenerational and inclusive.

Mental Health Resources

Social distancing, responsibility changes, and overall life interruption can take a toll on a person. If we do not recognize these disturbances and learn to cope with them it can affect a person’s mental well-being. Our mental well-being is connected to our overall well-being so be sure you take care of yourself.

Take a Stance Against Racism

The individuals, organizations, and institutions undersigned affirm their commitment to recognizing, addressing, and opposing all forms of hateful behaviors, racism, and social injustice. Our communities’ futures require that all of us commit to fighting racism in all its forms. 

Get Involved

Willmar Lakes Area Vision 2040 is determined to build healthy communities where people are proud to live, work, do business and raise a family. Are you ready to join us to make a difference in your community?

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