What is a 30 Day Sprint?

Have you ever been interested in furthering something to better your community but you don't want to be sucked in to a 3,782 year commitment? Enter 30 day sprints.
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What is a 30 Day Sprint?

There's this thing called Strategic Doing. Strategic Doing was created to help community groups (among others) to execute ideas in digestible manner.

The concept of Strategic Doing teaches people how to form collaborations on a project(s) and move toward measurable outcomes in a short amount of time (30- 60- 90-day sprints).

"There are exit ramps available to you if your passion has run its course."

Sara Carlson

Vision 2040 and 30 Day Sprints

At Willmar Lakes Area Vision 2040, we've been doing 30 day sprints before there was a name for 30 day sprints! This group came together because they recognized the need to take charge of their own future and build the future that they wanted to see; for their community, for their family and for their lives.

Though we have a number of Vision 2040 members who have been a part of this grassroots movement for quite some time, that's not necessarily the expectation.

From the latest Vision 2040 Refresh sessions, we've learned that there are a lot of exciting changes, improvements and additions we can do to our community to make it better. Join us and meet up for a 30 day sprint to move some of these initiatives forward!

Rebranding & Refocusing

At the 2022 Refresh Sessions, we heard from you loud and clear is that we need to make sure our outsides match our insides.

You’re invited to help us kickoff the Rebrand and Refresh 30-Day Sprint Project! Join us for a short 30-day commitment as we plan the next steps for our organization and its name.

When: April 24, 2023 at 12-1 pm

Where: West Central Tribune’s Conference Room

There’s limited space available so please RSVP using this form!


Rebranding & Refocusing; Get Involved with Vision 2040

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