Leslie Valiant

Steering Committee Highlight

Project Review Committee Member

Why did you join the Vision 2040 Steering Committee?

I started with the planning and development of the Vision 2040 and become part of the Steering Committee from the beginning as co-chair of the Economic Development Committee and the Project Review Committee

What Vision 2040 project or initiative are you most passionate about and why?

I have always been passionate about the economic development and growth of businesses.  I also like working with the committees that would bring in speakers to educate citizens as to why we should love our city and be involved with community organizations for the betterment of the community

Leslie Valiant

What's their favorite place in Kandiyohi County and why?

There are so many favorites but I would have to say Spicer because you can be by the lake and enjoy two beautiful parks, good food  and drink.

Where are you employed? What is your profession?

I am employed by the city of Willmar - City Administrator

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