Pablo Obregon

Steering Committee Highlight

Steering Committee Member

Why did you join the Vision 2040 Steering Committee?

I joined Vision 2040 because of the desire of its members to position our communities in a proactive frame of mind where our future generations can achieve the most they can and develop a sense of belonging for all. Also, because one of our goals is to bring ideas and dreams into reality and action.

What Vision 2040 project or initiative are you most passionate about and why?

There are many, without a doubt the Take Stand Campaign! Good to experience our neighbors standing against racism.

Pablo Obregon

What's their favorite place in Kandiyohi County and why?

Downtown Wilmar, it is a place that reflects our entire community! It is a small world after all!

Where are you employed? What is your profession?

City of Willmar, Director of Community Growth

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