Dr. Bill Adams

Steering Committee Highlight

Steering Committee Member

Why did you join the Vision 2040 Steering Committee?
Civic engagement is of great significance in my role as a leader within the Willmar Public School District. Playing a vital part in shaping the vision of our community stands as a cornerstone of effective leadership. I enthusiastically joined this committee to contribute towards the continued positive growth and development of our remarkable community.

What Vision 2040 project or initiative are you most passionate about and why?
Although I appreciate all projects and initiatives of Vision 2040, I am most passionate about inclusion and engagement. We are a diverse community and inclusion of all voices and dreams for our community are critically important to our success. More hands make for light work and it is through engagement that all things are possible.

Bill Adams

What's their favorite place in Kandiyohi County and why?

Without question, my favorite place in Kandiyohi County are the parks and trail systems. We are extremely lucky to have these amenities.

Where are you employed? What is your profession?

Willmar Public Schools. Educational Leadership.

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