Jeff Holm

Steering Committee Highlight

Member of the Project Review and Executive Committees

Why did you join the Vision 2040 Steering Committee?

I have been part of the Vision 2040 Steering Committee since it began. Ensuring a positive, collective vision for our region is important to me because of the energy and possibility it brings. So many good things can happen in places where residents feel a sense of ownership, have pride and feel connected to the places they call home. A community led effort like Vision 2040 is essential to do that.

Jeff Holm

What Vision 2040 project or initiative are you most passionate about and why?

My most passionate project was definitely the Destination Playground. As part of the Executive Team for the project, I got to see the camaraderie, excitement and new connections being built between people while they built a legacy playground for our kids. It was amazing.

Where are you employed? What is your profession?

Willmar Public Schools- Superintendent of Schools

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