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Where the Lakes Begin… and Opportunity, too! Here’s what you #KanDo

Kandiyohi County is home to over 40,000 people, located approximately 100 miles West of Minneapolis, MN. It is nestled among the crossroads of US Highway 12, US Highway 71, and State Highway 23. Home to many lakes and ponds and even the Middle Fork of the Crow River. Kandiyohi County, like many others, is filled with people, wildlife, and businesses. However, the Willmar Lakes Area is unique in the opportunities it offers to our shared community.

This summer, in an effort to showcase our pride in Kandiyohi County, the Willmar Lakes Area has developed a hashtag to be used throughout the summer. In order to encourage and guide community members and visitors to be active community members, we want them to see what unique opportunities, events, and activities Kandiyohi has to offer.

This hashtag was crafted to identify the things you CAN DO in KANDI-yohi. By merging two ideas, we have crafted one cohesive piece to highlight our unique community– #KanDo.

The purpose of this hashtag is to illuminate all of the amazing events and things you Kan Do around the Willmar Lakes Area. Our community is rich with music, cuisine, water recreation, community giving, and LIFE. Let’s share in these things together.

This summer, for all things fun, use #KanDo. If you are engaging in a fun family activity, hanging out at the beach, or attending a summer sporting event: post it on social media with #KanDo!

Let’s put Kandiyohi County on the map and demonstrate what Kandiyohi County Kan Do.

Check out our quick guide below to learn how you can use #KanDo this summer!


What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase that follows a pound symbol (#), and it’s used to identify important topics. Here are a few examples:

  • #example
  • #thisisahashtag
  • #nailedit

Where can you use a Hashtag?

Hashtags can be used on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

What happens when you click on a Hashtag?
After you click on a hashtag, it shows you all of the posts or pictures that have that same hashtag. This means that you are able to connect with people with similar interests, or people that were at the same event as you!

Here’s what you #KanDo with a #Hashtag:

  1. Be Specific.
    • Use hashtags that are relevant to your topic. Doing so allows individuals to search for specific topics, events, and people.
    • Example: If you’re using a hashtag to talk about Green Lake, you could say #greenlake or #lakelife
  2. Keep it Simple.
    • Don’t make your hashtags incredibly long. #NoOneWantsToReadAWholeParagraphAsAHashtag
    • Hashtags can look like spam if you use them too often or use them more than once. Using the same hashtag twice can be #redundant.
  3. Incorporate Humor.
    • Using hashtags can help make your posts funny!
    • Similar to an egg, they allow you to make yolks. #punny
  4. Be creative.
    • You can create your own hashtag!
    • The Willmar Lakes Area has created a hashtag that can be used to describe and promote events and things to do in our area. #KanDo
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