Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

One of Vision 2040’s pillars is inclusion. We believe in making the Willmar Lakes Area an inclusive and welcoming community for all its residents no matter the difference. It is our wide diversity that makes our region what it is and gives us the sense of pride to call it home. Showing a community member some kindness can play a role in aiding to our goal of inclusion. We challenge you to do a random act of kindness today!

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Try one of these random acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day!

  1. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway
  2. Send a gift to a far away friend
  3. Write a gratitude or thank you note to someone you would like to show appreciation to (healthcare professional, teacher, family member or friend)
  4. Make your spouse, partner or child their favorite meal
  5. Pay for the person’s food or beverage that is behind you in the drive thru
  6. Leave your mailman a treat

Looking for A Different Way to Show Kindness?

  1. Write a Letter

Do you have a friend you haven’t talked to in a while? What about someone you know that has been having a rough hand recently? Or maybe you simply want to brighten the day of someone in the nursing home? A simple written letter can uplift a person’s day.

  1. Start the Day with a Positive Text or Email

Whether you know a person that needs to know they have support in their corner or you have not talked to a friend in a while, send a short text or email. The act of reaching out to this person will give them a great start to their day.

  1. Gift an Inspirational Book

Are you an avid reader? Do you have a book that has been suggested to you? Giving a book, new or even gently used, can give someone the oasis away from reality and inspiration they have been seeking for.

  1. Make Your Bed

Making your bed not only starts your day with an accomplishment; but also gifts someone whether it be your spouse, roommate or yourself.

  1. Foster a Pet

There are so many cats, dogs and other pets that need temporary housing until they find their permanent home. Fostering a pet helps the animal, the organization in charge of the adoption as well as the future pet owners.

Get more ideas at and remember, “Whenever possible, be kind. It’s always possible.” – Dalai Lama

Vision 2040

Willmar Lakes Area Vision 2040 is a grassroots movement in Kandiyohi County to make our communities better than they were yesterday. Our mission is to support the dreamers and the doers in Kandiyohi County. We strive to create a better tomorrow through supporting projects that are community minded with special emphasis on the four focus areas; Health & Wellness, Communication, Inclusion and Engagement.

Vision 2040 is a collaborative, community-led and driven initiative comprised of your neighbors, friends and coworkers.

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