Join in the work! Meet up with our Health & Wellness team!

Join in the work as we continue to discuss Health & Wellness in the Willmar Lakes Area and ways we can improve it!

What does the Health & Wellness group do?

The Health & Wellness team develops ways to improve the health & wellness resources, provides education on healthier choices and creates a collaborative approach to the overall health of the community. The team meets monthly to discuss how to achieve these things.

Projects that have happened in the past to work towards these goals are things like:

Raspberry Bush Planting

This is the inital planting of the Raspberry Bushes! Berries won't be ready for picking for another year or two.

  • Love Your Health: Family Fun Night
    In it's pilot run in February of 2018, Love Your Health: Family Fun Night was a night of learning and exploring sessions, healthy freebies, community resource booths, food and community. This event was held at the Kennedy Elementary School and will be held there again in 2020!
  • Raspberry Bush Planting
    The Health & Wellness Committee helped coordinate the planting of raspberry bushes in Valley Brook and Gesch parks for public picking! The purpose of these bushes is to allow for ease in access to healthy foods. We hear over and over how expensive it is to eat healthy and by providing a community space to grab healthy food we are hoping to alleviate that issue. This is merely a drop in the bucket, having bushes in only 2 parks, but it is a start and the hope is to expand depending on usage and resources.Thank you to the city for prepping the space for the bushes, Stacy's Nursery for planting and MnYOU for helping care for the plants! It will take a season or two before they are ready to pick and eat but we're looking forward to some delicious, fresh berries!
  • Bounce Back Project
    "The Bounce Back™ Project is a unique collaborative of physicians, nurses, hospital leaders, and staff who have come together for a single purpose — to impact the lives of individuals, communities, and organizations by promoting health through happiness.Numerous studies have shown using simple tools to help us retrain our mind to focus on the positive can increase feelings of well-being and decrease feelings of depression. These tools can also open us to the possibility of greater social connections, improved sleep, enhanced memory, and stronger immune system function. It’s simple… and life changing," according to the Bounce Back Project website.Random Acts of Kindness is 1 of the 3 largest components of the project. Some of the Health & Wellness Committee members went to a free training in St. Cloud in October. This programming is still in the planning stages for the Willmar Lakes Area and we'd love to have you get involved! Reach out by emailing the group here.

Join in the Work

The Health & Wellness group meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 12:30-1:30pm in Seminar Room 4 of Rice Hospital (enter through Family Practice, go downstairs and it's the first room on your left). They more than welcome anyone interested in getting involved with the work! Reach out by emailing the group here.

Vision 2040

Willmar Lakes Area Vision 2040 is a grassroots movement in Kandiyohi County to make our communities better than they were yesterday. Our mission is to support the dreamers and the doers in Kandiyohi County. We strive to create a better tomorrow through supporting projects that are community minded with special emphasis on the four focus areas; Health & Wellness, Communication, Inclusion and Engagement.

Vision 2040 is a collaborative, community-led and driven initiative composed of your neighbors, friends and coworkers.

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