Experience the Light

As part of the Light Up the Willmar Lakes Area (#LightUpWLA), Vision 2040 is sharing some pretty neat things happening in the area that will provide our community a smile and uplifted spirits during this pandemic. 

Experience the Light is a few videos that have been collected from local events to share some holiday cheer with your family and friends. Whether you have the chance to see your family in person this holiday season or will be celebrating apart, share these videos with others and listen together. These beautiful renditions of holiday classics are sure to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

If you or someone you know would like to help us in this Experience the Light series, please reach out through our contact us form! We invite our local artists, both groups and individuals, to help us in spreading the joy this season while lighting up the Willmar Lakes Area community.

Willmar High School and Local Artist Jeff James Spread the Light

Sing a few holiday favorites to help spread joy and light. Enjoy their vocal talents!

  • Songs featured in this video include:
    • Willmar High School Choir singing "Silent Night"
    • "Marshmallow World" by the Willmar High School Choir
    • "White Winter Hymnal" by the Willmar High School Choir
    • "Joy" by Jeff James
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#LightUpWLA with Loving Arms Childcare Center

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How can you not smile and feel joy when hearing a child’s voice singing a classic?

Hum along to one of our favorite classics with the Vinje Lutheran Church Loving Arms Child Care Center singing "This Little Light of Mine".

Feeling Inspired by Others?

Are you feeling inspired by these individuals to help Vision 2040 to Be the Light in your community and help Light Up the Willmar Lakes Area? Let us know of an event that may be a perfect fit for this series, share a video of you/group singing a holiday tune or simply spread joy through a random act of kindness. This holiday season we enjoy going outside of your comfort zone and spreading cheer. The pandemic may be keeping us apart from one another but it is no match for a community who unites together to shine the light and share the joy!

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