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Inner City Leadership Tour to Fargo Area

A group of 23 people from the Willmar Lakes Area spent two days visiting Fargo to learn from this successful community some tips on achieving our goals.

What They Did

They explored the downto2015 Fargo Tour Groupwn growth of the Fargo community as well as took a bus tour of West Fargo, Moorhead and Fargo to see and discuss their universities, industrial park, downtown and housing.

They also had dinner with Bill Marcil Jr., Chief Operating Officer of Forum Communications Company and attended 1 Million Cup. The group also met with Greg Thven, advocate for the Fargo community, as well as visited a few businesses like Drekkers Brewery, Carol Widman's Candy Company, and Pinch and Pour.

Also on their busy agenda was a lunch panel and discussion with the Mayor of Fargo, the Mayor of Moorhead, the Superintendent of Fargo Schools, the Superintendent of Moorhead Schools, the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce for Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo, the Executive Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Vice President of Workforce Development of the Economic Development Commission.

Take Aways

Fargo Tour 2015The following notes are highlights that have been gathered from those that participated in the Fargo Tour.

There have been projects that have already started moving forward that grew from this trip:

Fargo Tour 2015 (2)How to Get Involved

Every opinion matters. How can we help each other success? How can we infuse the arts and culture and build on our bight spots as a community even if we do not always agree with everything? How can we educate the city and our communities? We need your help to answer these questions and to move our communities forward. To join in the effort to make our area a better place, contact us to help.

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From our community volunteers

I am excited to make a difference and feel confident to do so!

Alumni, Inaugural Class of 2015

“We are proud to be part of the Vision 2040 effort here at the community foundation because it aligns with our core mission to engage people, connect resources and build community. It was an easy choice to invest not only financial resources to support Vision 2040 but also to lend significat board and staff time to help drive this effort forward. It's transforming our communities for the future our residents dream about-using their ideas and energies to make good things happen organically in real time and for years to come-and we want to be part of making that possible!”

Sara Carlson, Willmar Area Community Foundation

I made connections with community members and found many common visions.  I have begun to get more active in the community due to the connections.

Alumni, Class of 2016
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