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Goal 1 Housing - 2017 Qtr 2

Vision 2040—Goal One: Attracting and Retaining Newcomers to Willmar Lakes Area Housing Subgroup

Second Quarter Notes: April 10, May 8 and June 12

The subgroup’s guiding purpose is to help address the following question:

“What will it take to get an adequate inventory of quality rental options to have more people move to Kandiyohi County?”

The subgroup is responsive to housing issues and needs as they arise. Many items are addressed at each monthly meeting. Items during second quarter 2017 include:

I. Assistance to Multi-Family Developer—Commonwealth’s 15th Street Flats

                The project was submitted to the Minnesota Housing Financing Agency for possible tax credit.

                WCTrib: Housing project could bring 45 affordable units to Willmar, May 20, 2017


                WCTrib: 15th Street Flats gains Willmar City Council support, June 6, 2017



II. Mobile Home Park Standards

The team educated itself on city and county licensing, ordinances and codes. The safety and well-bring of residents living in Regency West was a concern.  After sharing concerns with both the city and county, the subgroup noted improvements to the exterior of homes. This will be reviewed again in October 2017.


III. Housing Market Updates

                The team reviews housing market data to keep abreast of trends.


IV. Housing Implementation Plan

The subgroup team created a housing implementation plan reflecting team goals and accomplishments. It was included in Commonwealth’s tax credit application.


IV. Tenant Certification

Work continues to survey interest of property managers/owners granting a one-time rent discount to new and/or current tenants who complete this new educational offering. The intent is to improve tenant and landlord relationships, reinforce reporting issues immediately to their landlord and how to clean and maintain a residence. A Survey Monkey has been created and is ready for distribution once the list of contacts is complete.


V. Online Access for New Development and/or Lots for Private Home Construction

The City of Willmar is willing to host such information upon its availability.


Reoccurring Meeting: Second Monday of each month at 10 a.m.  at Kandiyohi County Health & Human Services Building

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From our community volunteers

I am excited to make a difference and feel confident to do so!

Alumni, Inaugural Class of 2015

“I'm proud to volunteer and support the efforts of Vision 2040 because creating a healthy community takes a collabortive effort. No one person or entity can create a community where people want to live and work and play, but working together we can create it. Vision 2040 started with an inclusive effort to bring together people from across our region to articulate their vision of the future of our region's communities. The goals that emerged from that vision offer everyone the opportunity to share in the collaborative work necessary to create a healthy and vibrant region--and that's a good thing for all of us.”

Dr. Douglas Allen, Ridgewater College

“I'm honored to be part of Vision 2040 and the team that is forging the future of the Willmar Lakes Area community. We are a strong vibrant community that works hard and works together through partnerships and collaborative efforts. This spark of leadership for this is caused by people willing to risk failure to reach for success. We have seen there's no limit to what a group can do if the individuals don't care who gets the credit.”

Ken Warner, Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
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